Our Promise to You

First and foremost, let’s get something out of the way. Main Street Baking Co. was formed to provide an environment completely free from cross-contamination from gluten in everything we bake.

Our bakery was custom built from the ground up. No equipment here has ever processed gluten, and each ingredient is carefully researched to ensure the utmost regard in making sure the source and production are gluten-free.

A few months before diagnosis, she’s seen here covered from head to toe in gluten-ful flour…”helping” mommy.

Why did I take such care? Our daughter has Celiac Disease. Her biopsy scored her off the charts, and her recovery has been slow, but triumphant.

I understand just how important it is to provide a safe-baking zone. Rest assured, whether you have an aversion, sensitivity, full-blown allergy, or Celiac Sprue, I’ve got your back.

Now the elephant in the room… “Yeah…but will it taste good? Sometimes gluten-free tastes like cardboard!”

My answer? I hear you. You speak the language of my people. That’s why my tagline is “Secretly Gluten Free.”

Every baked good that comes out of our bakery is measured to the gram with perfection and artisanship. From crumb to glaze, we make our treats from scratch, every time, because it’s better.  We use top-notch ingredients to ensure the most consistent and robust flavors. We believe taste and texture belong to the gentle hands of the baker.

At the heart of my confectionary dream was one resounding mission—that your tongue wouldn’t know the difference. Every recipe has been tested; by child, wedding attendee, and professional chef. Each was scrutinized for taste, texture, crumb, balance on the tongue, rich smooth flavor, and presentation. I didn’t open for business until I knew I could deliver the words “Secretly Gluten Free” with utmost confidence. In fact, I’ve withheld some recipes from the menu until they’re perfected. It’s my commitment to you. And I will continue to pursue it in every recipe we offer.

The Whole Story

Gluten FreeIn the fall of 2012 I stood in my home kitchen crying. I may have even stomped my foot a few times. It was an ugly tantrum. (Maybe you can relate.) The day before, our then three-year-old (as mentioned) was properly diagnosed with Celiac. I didn’t know fully what that meant, but I did know, as I looked around my kitchen, that poison now lurked everywhere. I knew it because I baked all the time. Flour and crumbs nestled in every nook and cranny, cookie jar, and silverware tray. There was Kraft Mac and Cheese in the cupboard and creamy oatmeal in a Rubbermaid container in the fridge from yesterday’s breakfast. Thanksgiving was a week away, and my pie crust recipe was sitting out on the counter. The tears flowed freely. I deeply mourned her new reality.  And I was equally distraught over how I would ever make my mother’s amazing cinnamon rolls again.  See them here?  Pure heaven, they are.  And full of gluten. 🙁

What was I going to feed my little angel and not make her sick? Did the rest of us have to eat like this forever now, too? What do you mean she can’t lick an envelope—-how is there wheat in glue? What else is gluten in? I simply KNEW we were destined to a life of cardboard bread, dry cupcakes, and “hover” parenting.

A week later a burst of inspiration took over my imagination: I love to bake. My employer is in the kitchen industry. I teach cooking classes. I’ll open a Gluten-Free Bakery! It was a brilliant idea until the sheer weight of reality set in. I needed to focus on our new way of life with grave precision so I didn’t accidentally poison her. I was beyond overwhelmed by our new reality and had no business tackling this grand adventure. And so I put the endeavor on a shelf.

The idea collected dust for years, but ever-so-slowly crept back to the front of my brain. Every recipe I mastered, every flour blend I tried, every “oh that tastes marvelous, Jenae” accolade and even the “wow…Mom, don’t ever try that again.” (Yep, once Mr. Numbers Guy (he’s the husband) took one bite and threw it in the trash.  We each took a bite…and quickly followed suit.  Rome wasn’t built in a day…and they had gluten in their glue! 😉 )  They all accumulated in a pile entitled: I need to do something about this.

I was tired of watching the look of exclusion on our daughter’s face when everyone else around her ate delectable treats, and she toted along her “GF option” or ate nothing at all. No more. It is time food be shared. That everyone enjoy the same thing. Nobody at the party will be without, and none the wiser. No one will know…it’s secretly gluten free.

So now it’s your turn to savor. I look forward to delighting your tastebuds and lifting your spirits. I want you to close your eyes and share a smile with yourself—as the familiar tastes you could have “before” come flooding back. It will be an honor to take part in your weddings, your birthdays, your anniversaries….heck, your office parties, and Saturday morning lazy-coffee-and-warm-cinnamon-roll splurges.

So, to reiterate my words to you as you first visited my site, welcome home. Welcome back to bliss.