Allergen Statement

Although we are a Gluten Free Bakery, and take every precaution possible to ensure there is no cross-contamination of gluten in the facility, we are mindful of other allergies and want you to know how we handle them in the the kitchen.

Each of the items on the menu has an Ingredients/Allergens tab at the bottom of the page.  You’ll be able to see exactly what is in the baked good.  But process is important as well, so here is how we handle it:


Here’s a given.  You just won’t find this poison anywhere all up in our business. 😉  We needed a dedicated facility for our own daughter’s needs.  We’re so thankful there are bakeries that make some gluten free options for those who just try to avoid gluten….but for a Celiac….unless they clean their equipment, and then clean it at least 3 hours later…and maybe again after 12-24 hours (did you know flour can hang in the air for that long….drift back down to the counter top or mixer or sheet pan, and nestle secretly there?  Yeah…..)….then you know it’s not safe.  So, again.  SANS GLUTEN!  (That’s french for gluten free.)


WE ARE NOT A PEANUT FREE FACILITY.   But here is what we do.  If we are alerted of a peanut allergy in an order, that order will be the first one processed in that day, (on clean equipment) so that as little cross-transfer as possible would occur.  Any peanut derived ingredient is segregated from the other working ingredients in it’s own cupboard.


We use unsweetened almond milk in place of cow’s milk in our dairy free and vegan options.  Tree nuts, such as Almonds, Pecans, and Coconut are kept on a separate shelf away from other ingredients.


Dairy-free orders are processed before “regular” gf orders in the day.  Equipment is washed in between each order, but allergen alerted orders will always be processed first.


Vegan orders will be processed before DF orders, if identified.


Some Celiacs are sensitive to Oats.  (Even GF Oats.)  Know that we only use certified GF Oats.  But we do use them.  They are not kept next to the flour.  If you are sensitive to oats, please let us know and we’ll be extra careful to make sure your order is not processed at the same time as those using oats.

Corn is not on the list of allergens required by the Dept of Agriculture.  (In fact, I was previously identifying corn in my allergen list and they asked me to take it off.  I get it…consistency is king.)  But we know some of you may be sensitive to corn.  Please review the ingredients lists carefully.  There is cornstarch in powdered sugar, for instance.