Pie Shell

This pie crust is flaky.  I promise.  Just like you used to have.  We add a bit of vodka to the dough to add moisture in rolling out.  Then, because alcohol evaporates faster than water, when the dough hits the heat of the oven, the vodka and water mix bakes out so fast that what is left are wonderful microscopic air pockets for the butter to melt into.  Results?…flaky, buttery pie crust.  Yes….that’s right.


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Good pie has a well made filling. Great pie starts with a flaky crust. I’ve taken the second part off your hands and have a ready made, ready to bake pie crust for you here. Just follow the instructions on the package for the perfect flaky buttery crust that the rest of your pie or quiche will nestle in…mmmmmmmmm. Perfection.

Contains: milk


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