Snickerdoodle Cookies (12)

Purchase by the dozen.

Tangy-sweet….is that a word?  Cinnamon and Sugar coat these classic confections.


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When I was a child, Snickerdoodles were my favorite.  Who am I kidding…they still are.  For some reason it was difficult to master a really truly good gluten free snickerdoodle.  Maybe it was because I had such high expectations.  Some can turn out dry, and crumble in your hands.  Not these.  I have to be monitored when around these, because for some reason they disappear.  (who me?)  Its like biting into a pillow of perfection, followed by a sweet tang.  The cinnamon and sugar bath it gets before baking sends me over the edge.  I might want these in my coffin with me.  Enjoy!

Gf cake flour [rice flour, potato, AF fiber blend (plant fiber), tapioca flour], sugar, butter [cream, (milk), natural flavor], shortening [mechanically pressed organic palm oil] egg, cinnamon, cream of tartar, baking soda, salt


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