Sour Cream Coffeecake (12)

1 loaf serves 12 good sized wedges.

This sour cream coffeecake is loaded with lush creamy crumb, and ribbons of filling plumb full of cinnamon, sugar, and butter.  The streusel on top should have it’s own TV show it’s so good.


*Availability may vary by location


Somebody, a long time ago, decided there would be the perfect confection to drink with coffee.  And so they called it coffeecake.  And they were right.  So good with a hot cup of joe….or honestly, all by itself in the middle of nowhere with no one around but you and time.  Resting snuggly between creamy layers of batter are swirls of cinnamon, sugars, and butter filling.  Not to be outdone, the top streusel likes to play star of the show with finely chopped pecans melded harmoniously within.  They add a hint of nutty flavor to the sweet, dense cake-bread.  Don’t mourn the cute and amazingly delicious glutenous mini coffeecake loaves at your local famous coffee shop.  Your search stops here.  It’s one of my favorite items on our menu!!

Gf cake flour [rice flour, potato, AF fiber blend (plant fiber), tapioca flour] sugar, sour cream [cultured milk and cream, enzymes], butter [cream, (milk), natural flavor], eggs, dark brown sugar, pecans, cinnamon, pure vanilla extract [vanilla bean extractives in water, and alcohol], baking powder [corn starch, sodium bicarbonate, sodium aluminum sulfate, monocalcium phosphate], salt, baking soda, grape seed oil


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