Additional Wedding Q&A

Do questions like these keep you up at night?  Let me help put your wonderments to rest…

What’s the difference between a round cake and a square cake?

Quite a bit, actually!  A square cake feeds more people, which means the ingredients alone cost more.  They are also surprisingly more time consuming to frost, so that added labor makes for a more expensive cake.  They are stunning though!  If you are dead set on a square cake, just anticipate the higher cost going into it, and you’re golden.

Do you cover your cakes in fondant?

Yes and no. How’s that for an answer? Ahhhhh, fondant. She is the belle of the ball, but has some drawbacks. Let’s chat about them. Fondant covering makes for a stunning smooth finish. The fun creations made with it’s dazzling and pliable features make it very appealing for any cake buyer’s every hope and dream. But it comes at a price. Literally. Fondant instantly creates more cost in your cake. If you’re trying to keep costs lower, don’t even entertain the idea. My handmade Sweet Buttercream, by itself, is magnifique. Don’t feel lessor for sticking with the classic. Also, fondant has a reputation for lacking in the Yummy Department. I WILL say, I’ve done my research and found a delightful tasting fondant that is also gluten free. (Yep, there are plenty of fondants out there that use wheat. Wait, what?!?) I wouldn’t use fondant at all if I felt it would truly sacrifice flavor. This one tastes great! But again, consider the whole picture. Fondant adds a thick layer on the outside of the cake that many people don’t enjoy biting into. They may simply push it to the side with their fork…but it’s up to you to hold your tongue and not tell them you paid extra so they could do just that! 😉 In my fondant’s defense, it has a pillowy smooth bite, and gently sends your tastebuds to marshmallowland. There certainly are worse things to sink your teeth into, I say. You’re welcome to explore the combo option as well—Buttercream surrounding the cake, and some fondant for designer decorations. We’ll figure it out together. The natural look is VERY in right now. This bodes well for the Buttercream Camp. That and fresh flowers can make a cake pop with amazement!

My wedding is on a hot July day. Will my cake melt?

Heck yes it can. And so will your guests! Please consider having your reception indoors, or at least have a covered tent or breezeway for foods and guests who need respite from direct sun. I take every measure I can on my end to make your cake creation stable and able to withhold warm temperatures, but butter is butter and it will wilt in the sun or high humidity. Main Street Baking Co cannot be held liable for any damage done to the cake due to direct sun or hot weather once we have released it into your care.

I’m planning to use fresh flowers on my cake. Do I bring them to your bakery?

Fresh flowers on cakes make a jaw-dropping statement and I love using them! I dip stems that will potentially be plunged into the cake into a food grade coating to protect the cake from any plant transfer. I ask that the flowers be waiting for me at the event, not cut or wired. Just keep them natural and I will arrange them to the design we have agreed upon. I am not permitted to house fresh flowers in the bakery. Besides, I have a black thumb. I might kill them.

Do you deliver and is there a fee?

We absolutely deliver! In fact I require delivery for cakes 3-tiers or larger. The cost is based on mileage and time, with a base fee of $75 round trip. A 2-tier cake is heavy enough that someone picking it up curb-side should be aware of its added weight, but it will be boxed in such a way that is secure. Careful transport is still highly recommended. Occasionally, 3-tiered cakes will be preassembled in-house and transported by Main Street Baking Co. But generally, due to their heavy weight, cakes will be made up in each layer and boxed separately and always transported by MSBC. I will finish assembling the cake at the venue to make the final touches perfect. To find out how much delivery will be, give me a call and we’ll crunch the numbers. I just need an address for reference.

Why is a custom order cake more expensive than a chain store’s cake? How much will this cost?

That’s a great question—one you should have.  Budget is crucial to any successful event.  There are a couple of key differences, the biggest of which falls in the very word Custom.  I will spend time with you perfecting your dream creation.  I will bake your cake fresh, from scratch, and use carefully chosen ingredients for the most impact.  We will potentially spend hours together, either in developing your plan, or behind the scenes researching your design, hand-creating any decorations, the baking, and exclusive, meticulous time decorating your cake.  This simply is not the case at a grocery store.  The cakes are factory pre-made en masse, frozen, and shipped to the stores where they wait to be thawed, and as quickly as possible, the frosting is knocked out—chosen from one of their pre-selected options.  There is no wiggle room.  A cake artist takes great pride in providing you superior quality in both taste, and eye-candy.  I humbly aspire to this in every creation I’m commissioned to make.

I have three different categories of cakes to choose from that will fit into the budget/design you’re aiming for:

    • Simple and Elegant  (base price: $7.49/slice)
    • Trendy and Custom
  • Show Stopper
  • Cupcakes  (base price: $3.95/cupcake)

Please call me to discuss what you’re looking for and we will find the best solution for you!

I saw the CUTEST Minion, Mickey Mouse, Batman, (insert copyrighted character or image here…) cake. Can you do it exactly like this?

Hmmmmmm…..tricky one right there. If a design is copyrighted, the answer simply is, no we shouldn’t. Unless you write and get permission to use it. If it’s important to you, and you have the will and determination to conquer this little feat, lets jump in! Otherwise, let’s come up with a solution that says everything about your said design, without breaking any laws.

Have more questions?
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